FASEP 3E Eco System


System Configuration: CCD flatbed scanner with special lighting (I-Lumino-Box)
Sample supply: The fibers are transferred to a Petri dish and the Petri dish is placed on the scanning surface. The I-Lumino-Box moves along a rail and is placed exactly over the Pertri shell.
Preparation area: Petri dish - 90 mm inner diameter
Acquisition area: The scanning area is the entire Petri dish or a user-defined area.


Resolution and smallest fiber thickness: 2400 dpi standard resolution - 10 µm smallest fiber thickness
Measurement range of the fiber length: 10 - approx. 40.000 µm
Border effects: none, as the complete Petri dish is scanned (edge ​​effects occur when the acquisition area is smaller than the preparation area)
Crossed straight fibers (clusters): automatic and manual analysis possible
Crossed curved fibers (long fiber clusters): automatically with the so-called ALF algorithm
Analysis duration: approx. 5 min. (without incineration and dilution - see preparation techniques)
Max. Number of fibers in an analysis: several thousand